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Here’s a video of Julie Licata performing my piece Nature Morte at the SEAMUS conference in Miami.  She did a great job, and it was a blast hanging out in Miami! Pardon the built in compressors that the kind people at Flip include on their cameras.

Julie Licata performing Nature Morte at SEAMUS 2011


SEAMUS 2011 Miami

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Headed to Miami for the SEAMUS conference next week.  Julie Licata will be performing my piece Nature Morte for metal percussion and computer.  I’ll post pictures and video soon.


International Clarinet Festival

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Rachel and I after her performance of Moire

Rachel Yoder performed Moiré at the International Clarinet Festival in Austin, TX last week.  She did a great job!  Many thanks to both her and Greg Dixon for making it an easy and enjoyable experience.


AFA Demo

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Composers from the American Festival for the Arts came to Rice Electro-Acoustic Music Labs (REMLABS) last Friday for a whirlwind tour through the history of electronic music.  After the lecture, the composers created an improvisation for a Wiimote-controlled instrument and live processing of their voices using some software I made in Max/MSP.


This weekend the Zeitgeist Ensemble will be recording my work Moiré at Wild Sound Recording Studio in Minneapolis, MN. The recording will be included on the Music from SEAMUS 20 CD. I’ll post pictures from the session later (UPDATE:  the session went great, but we were too busy for photos!).